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Ultra-Lite Gurney

2 lift-off stretcher tops. Extra storage space


Multi-purpose The Olympic Exam-Treatment Gurney is two products in one. First, it is an exam-treatment table with a firm, non-slip top. Then it converts to a transport gurney with either a hard or soft stretcher top. And it also has space for storing supplies. This multi-purpose product is versatile and inexpensive.

Exam-Treatment Table The standard model has two lift-off stretcher tops - a hard and soft stretcher. The stretcher tops are held securely by 4 posts but they can be quickly lifted off and switched in seconds. The hard stretcher is used for exams and treatments. It is molded of rigid polymer with a non-slip surface. The soft stretcher, which is comfortable for longer transports, is made of HerculiteŽl anti-microbial plastic fabric. Both stretchers have hand-holds and are used for safely transferring patients from the gurney to cages, X-ray tables, and the floor.

Ultra lightweight gurney Because this gurney weighs only 31 pounds, just a fraction of what other gurneys weigh, it is very easy to roll. But even though it is ultra light, it is strong and stable with all-welded construction. It can safely hold and transport dogs up to 250 pounds, plus supplies.

Dimensions Overall: 52"L x 18"W x 34"H

Turns on a dime There are two steering handles at both ends for turning sharp corners and maneuvering in tight spaces. The large casters make it even more nimble, and they lock securely when it is used for exams and treatments.

Extra storage space The lower shelf can hold up to 100 pounds of supplies or equipment. Handy for treatment and the extra storage saves valuable floor space in your clinic.

Safer for patients With lift-off stretchers, heavier patients can be handled more gently than by hand carrying. It is less traumatic and there is less chance of possible injury for the patient. Stretchers have hand-holds and straps.

Prevents back injuries The lift-off stretchers make it easier and safer to transfer patients to cages, tables, and the floor. Complies with safety recommendations.

Saves money and space The Olympic Exam-Treatment Gurney is an economical choice for clinics with limited space for storage. It is also useful in larger clinics at times when they need an extra treatment table and/or gurney.


Exam treatment table

Converts to transport guerney.

Soft Stretcher Plastic fabric is medical grade HerculiteŽ. Anti-microbial. Wipes clean. X-ray transparent. Durable. 2 Velcro straps.

Hard Stretcher Molded of rigid reinforced polymer. Converts gurney to exam-treatment table. Animals can stand comfortably without slipping.

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Ultra-Lite Gurney
Standard Model Includes Both Soft Stretcher and Hard Top Stretcher
Model #50603

Ultra-Lite Gurney
Economy Model with Soft Stretcher Only
Model #50601

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