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One electric lift that does 3 jobs

Saves money You save money when you purchase the Olympic Versa-Lift, because this one electric lift can be used in three different ways. It's like getting three products for the price of one. And since the Versa-Lift will be used every day, it will quickly pay for itself.

Height range The Versa-Lift can be adjusted to any height up to 39 inches for use as a treatment or exam table, or as a gurney. For low-boy curbside use, it can be lowered to near ground level.

Electric lift The electric lift is quiet and smooth - won't frighten your patients. Lifts 250 pounds, with a convenient up-down foot switch. The rechargeable battery holds a long lasting charge.

Lightweight - easy to roll When used as a gurney, the Versa-Lift is easy to roll and turn. Weighs only 68 pounds, less than half the weight of most other electric gurneys. For easy steering and tight spaces, there are two handles on either end. Large 5-inch locking casters.

Strong construction All structural joints are welded. Sturdy and safe for treating and transporting your patients.

Hands-on care If desired, the lift can be raised while the patient is being transported so that an assistant can provide hands-on care.

Choice of stretcher tops Versa-Lift comes with lift-off stretcher tops held securely by 4 posts but easily lifted off. Both models have a Hard Stretcher top which is firm and non-slip for exams, treatments and transport. Standard model also includes Soft Stretcher top for transport

No liquid spills Liquids are confined and drained by a lip around the table top (bucket not furnished).

IV pole A 2-bag IV pole is included with all models of the Versa-Lift. IV pole fits into sockets on both sides.

Saves floor space Because one Versa-Lift takes the place of three pieces of equipment it saves floor space. Footprint: 49" x 23". Top surface: 51" x 24".

Hidden handle For low-boy use, a handle slides out from under the Versa-Lift and locks in position for easier pushing over rough ground.

3-year Warranty Full 3-year Warranty covers all parts and labor, except parts subject to normal wear like Velcro straps and casters.

Curbside use The Versa-Lift is ideal for extracting patients from cars and vans and transporting them to the clinic. The electric lift can be raised to any level, whether the animal is on the floor or on a high seat, and the lift-off stretcher top can slide under the patient, reducing awkward handling and the chance of further injury.


50705 Olympic Versa-Lift™ with new Quick-Lock™ Casters. Complete with Pull-Out Handle, IV Pole, Hard and Soft Stretchers, 2 Foot Switches
50703 Olympic Versa-Lift™ complete with Pull-Out Handle, IV Pole and Hard Stretcher
50701 Olympic Versa-Lift™ complete with Pull-Out Handle, IV Pole, Soft and Hard Stretchers


50780 Instrument Tray for Olympic Versa-Lift™ and Olympic Quick-Lock™
50781 Head Rest Extender for Olympic Versa-Lift™ or Quick-Lock™
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Prevents back injuries Lift-off stretchers make it easier and safer to transfer heavy patients to cages, tables, and the floor.

Safer for patients Less traumatic, less chance of injury.

Soft Stretcher Plastic fabric is medical-grade Herculite® Wipes clean. X-ray transparent. 2 Velcro straps.

Hard Stretcher For exams and treatments. Molded of rigid, reinforced polymer. Non-slip surface. Wipes clean.

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Olympic Versa Lift
Soft Stretcher, Hard Stretcher, and IV Pole
Model #50701

Olympic Versa Lift
Hard Stretcher and IV Pole
Model #50703

Olympic Versa Lift
Central Locking Brakes, Soft Stretcher, Hard Stretcher, and IV Pole
Model #50705

Purchasing the Olympic Versa-Lift was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made. It is easy to use, sturdily built, and easy to maintain. The battery life is exceptional too. If you're concerned about the hazard of you or your staff lifting and moving large dogs, I highly recommend purchasing the Olympic Vera Lift.

Gary D. Van Winkle, DVM
Animal Clinic of Lawrenceville
Lawrenceville, IL

Our hospital purchased the Olympic Versa-Lift to replace a gurney that the hospital had been using for more than 30 years. As a 24 hour emergency and specialty referral hospital, animals are being moved on and off tables and to all areas of the facility many times a day. We really enjoy the way the Versa-Lift easily maneuvers around tight corners and that we are able to raise it to the same height as any table, counter top or vehicle, which makes moving the large dogs much easier on the back. We would recommend this lift to other veterinary facilities.

Evelyn McKinty RVT
Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital

The Olympic Versa-Lift has been a great addition to our practice. We are a large specialty practice with 4 hospitals. Our use of the Versa-Lift is 2-fold:

  1. We use the Versa-lift for regular patient transport that includes, but is not limited to, moving patients around the hospital, helping clients with large or non-ambulatory pets to and from their vehicles and general transport needs.
  2. We use the Versa-lift in our surgery prep areas as treatment tables. This allows us to completely prep the patient for surgery and move them into the ORs without having to transfer patients to a separate gurney.

The Versa-lift is lightweight compared to other mobile lift gurneys and is more maneuverable around tight corners and turns. We are very happy with the Versa-Lift gurneys.

Barbara Hersh, RVT
Inventory/Equipment Supervisor
SAGE Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care
SF Bay Area, California

Our Olympic Veterinary Versa-Lift is a crucial addition to the hospital. It saves our backs, especially when we have to lift a bigger patient! I am impressed by the smooth motion of the lift and how easily maneuverable it is around corners. The IV pole also helps whenever a patient requires fluids. Thank you!

Saran Dhaliwal, DVM, CVA

We love our new Olympic Versa-Lift. It is used daily in our clinic to transport larger dogs to and from surgery. It is also used to lift patients up into our bath tub or onto our x-ray table. It has been making moving pets a lot easier on our staff. I can see the use of the Olympic Versa-Lift extending my career at least 5 years.

Dr Jacqueline Enns
Winkler Veterinary Clinic

The Olympic Versa-lift has been a great addition to our clinic. We are able to transport our patients, without stress on the owner or the patient, into our clinic from the car or the large patients for surgery into our surgery suite. What used to take maybe 4-6 people to carry a stretcher depending on the size, now takes about 2. It's a great product that we'd highly recommend.

Ashley Hahn
Office manager
Watson Road Veterinary
St. Louis, MO

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