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Advanced Dental Table

The ultimate dental table for all procedures

An Olympic Dental Suite is as efficient as an airplane cockpit. All your instruments and equipment are mounted on Swing Arms for perfect positioning – right where you want them. You work in ergonomic comfort, with the table adjusted for maximum comfort, whether you are standing or seated. And with adjustable height you have improved patient presentation and improved visualization of the dental site, especially for more difficult procedures. Also, longer procedures are less tiring, and you’ll save time every day.

Olympic Dental Suites also reduce clutter in the dental area. The articulated Swing Arms support up to 60 pounds of equipment each, so dental unit, anesthesia machine, and other equipment, like IV poles, are off the floor. This saves floor space and creates a more efficient work area for you and your staff.

In addition to the accessories shown here, the Swing Arms can also support the other helpful accessories available with the Olympic Dental Suites, including an LED light and a platform for your laptop computer. All the accessories fit into drop-in sockets on the Swing Arms and can be quickly changed. The Swing Arms themselves can easily switch left/right without tools.

These Olympic dental tables are universal platforms designed to accept future changes in equipment and procedures. They are the best long-range investment for an expanding dental practice.


Swing Arms
Articulated. Support 60 pounds each. Change left/right without tools.

Rock solid This table has been designed for dentistry. Its heavy duty construction eliminates any bounce or wobble.

Dental Head Rest An efficient work platform. Supports patient’s head on reinforced stainless steel surface with access from 3 sides. Rapid drainage. Rounded arm rests.

Better patient presentation The patient’s position can be adjusted instantly during procedures.

  • Height adjustment Electric lift adjusts from extra high standing to seated (41"– 29"). Capacity 250 pounds.
  • Tilt adjustment Table tilts up to 10 degrees and automatically locks. Improves presentation and drainage.
  • Recumbent positioning Built-in V-positioner folds up to 45 degrees and automatically locks.

Large table top Full 62" length for larger dogs. Only 21" wide to save space.

Instrument Tray Drops into socket on swing arms. Lifts off for quick cleaning.

Compressor storage Compressor stores on table base behind post. Platform available to insulate vibration.

Tie-down Cleats Under table top.

Less clutter Mounting equipment on table eliminates floor clutter.

Best long-term investment The Advanced Dental Table will meet your needs today and for years to come.

Choose your accessories - A universal platform


50905 Olympic Dental Table, complete with 2 Swing Arms (with 2 sockets on each arm for accessories), 1 Height-Adjustable Instrument Tray, IV Pole, LED Exam Light. Overall 24” x 60” x 41”. 120V/60Hz
50901 Olympic Dental Table with 1 Swing Arm (with 2 sockets for accessories), 1 Height-Adjustable Instrument Tray. Overall 24” x 60” x 41”. 120V/60Hz


51086 Swing Arm with 2 sockets for accessories or dental equipment.
51081 IV Pole drops into sockets.
50985 Compressor Platform
50987 LED Exam Light with flexible arm.
50988 Laptop/Patient Monitor Support Arm
  • Immediate shipment Usually within 24 hours.
  • 3-Year Olympic Warranty Includes all parts and labor

Watch Video

See the Dental Table in action!

STANDING Extra tall 41"

SEATED Comfortable 29"

Procedure Light on Swing Arm. LED, bright, cool. Flexible gooseneck.

Laptop Platform on Swing Arm holds your laptop securely.

Drain Pan Under head rest.Slides out easily for cleaning.

Dental Head Rest Rigid, large surface. Fast drainage. Stainless steel.

Height adjustable instrument tray.

Drop-in IV pole fits in any socket.

See the Dental Table in action!

Online Ordering

Olympic Dental Table
1 Swivel Arm with Tray
Model #50901

Olympic Dental Table
2 Swivel Arms with Trays
Model #50903

Olympic Dental Table Deluxe Model
Includes 2 Swing Arms and IV Pole
Model #50905

Olympic Dental Table
Armature w/B-Tray
Model #50980

Olympic Dental Table
IV Pole
Model #51081

Olympic Dental Table
Compressor Cart
Model #50985

We purchased two Olympic Dental Tables to use for our daily dental procedures. Without a doubt the perforated dental table kept our patients dryer, and it was much more user-friendly to our Doctors and Technicians performing the dentals. There was no bucket hanging down from the table to spill all over the floor, and the electric adjustment is very nice so that our technicians can have the correct height to prevent any ergonomic issues. The table cleans very easily and the swing-out arm provides a convenient tray to hold monitors or other essential equipment. Overall, a well thought out table and would highly recommend.

Mike Cooper, DVM
Northeast Community College
Norfolk, NE

Our Olympic Dental table has been a life saver in our small dental area. The new table has greatly reduced the amount of time that it takes to perform dental radiographs and cleanings by making patient placement easier and more convenient than a standard flat table. Our Veterinarians enjoy and appreciate the ability to rotate, tilt, and maneuver the patient for access during extractions and our Technicians appreciate the narrowness that allows them to easily maneuver around. I would highly recommend this as a go-to table for anyone looking to replace their current dental set-up.

Fawn Dougherty
Hospital Manager
Larkin Veterinary Center
West Lawn, PA

We love our hydraulic Olympic Dental Table! Whether you want to sit or stand, it conforms to everyone! It is so easy to clean and takes up far less space than our previous table. We would strongly recommend this dental table to everyone!

Karla Quantz
Didsbury Vet
Didsbury, Alberta

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