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Hi-Lo Wet Table

Height adjustable Wet Table that converts in minutes to a fully equipped Dental Table.


This is the modern wet table that replaces wooden built-ins. Offers height adjustment and useful accessories, also converts to a fully equipped dental table.

Enclosed electric lift Precision height adjustment. Capacity 250 pounds.

Ergonomic comfort Work seated or standing on large or small patients. Meets ergonomic standards.

Better patient presentation With adjustable height. More efficient, faster treatments.

Large surface 60"x 24". For larger dogs.

2 removable grates.

Rock solid Reinforced all welded steel construction. No bounce or wobble. A better work platform.

Swing arm Choice of one or two articulated Swing Arms with drop-in sockets for accessories. Hold 60 pounds each. Go up/down with table. Arms lift in/out of brackets on post without tools.

Choice of accessories The only wet table that provides useful accessories for both wet-dry treatments and dental procedures.

Install anywhere Fits any standard plumbing connection. Unique design – no noisy pump, no external hoses. Installs near wall or free standing. Not a built-in, can be moved in future.

Leveling feet Adjustable to assure solid work surface.

Immediate shipment Usually ships within 24 hours.

3-Year warranty Includes all parts and labor.


In just minutes your Olympic Wet Table can be converted into a fully equipped dental table. Like an airplane cockpit, all your instruments and equipment are positioned at your fingertips, ready for faster, more efficient procedures.

Ergonomic height adjustment You can work more comfortably seated or standing. Less tiring for long dental procedures.

Improved presentation Another benefit of height adjustment. Better visualization and access to the oral site.

Use your present and future equipment This table is designed as a universal platform. You can use your present, or almost any new dental unit or anesthesia machine (pole mountable).

Accessories A choice of several helpful dental accessories currently available.

Swing Arms For dental use, two Swing Arms are furnished (see model 51003). These articulated arms each have 2 drop-in sockets for your dental equipment and accessories. Each arm can support 60 pounds. The arms lift in/out of brackets on the lift post and can be quickly changed left/right without tools.

Solid work surface The heavy-duty construction of the Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table provides a rigid platform for dental procedures.

Reduces floor clutter Mounting equipment on the table saves floor space and congestion.

2 tables in one The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table not only provides a superior wet-dry treatment table but also a fully equipped and efficient dental table.

An Olympic Dental Suite is as efficient as an airplane cockpit. All your instruments and equipment are mounted on Swing Arms for perfect positioning – right where you want them. You work in ergonomic comfort, with the table adjusted for maximum comfort, whether you are standing or seated. And with adjustable height you have improved patient presentation and improved visualization of the dental site, especially for more difficult procedures. Also, longer procedures are less tiring, and you’ll save time every day.

Olympic Dental Suites also reduce clutter in the dental area. The articulated Swing Arms support up to 60 pounds of equipment each, so dental unit, anesthesia machine, and other equipment, like IV poles, are off the floor. This saves floor space and creates a more efficient work area for you and your staff.

In addition to the accessories shown here, the Swing Arms can also support the other helpful accessories available with the Olympic Dental Suites, including an LED light and a platform for your laptop computer. All the accessories fit into drop-in sockets on the Swing Arms and can be quickly changed. The Swing Arms themselves can easily switch left/right without tools.

These Olympic dental tables are universal platforms designed to accept future changes in equipment and procedures. They are the best long-range investment for an expanding dental practice.

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51003 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table, complete and ready for treatments or dental procedures. Includes Grates, Faucet and Hand Spray plus 2 Swing Arms (with 2 sockets for accessories on each arm), Height-adjustable Instrument Tray, IV Pole, LED Exam Light, Grate Tilt Insert, Stainless Dry Top. Overall 24” x 60” x 41”. Weight 360 pounds. 120V/60Hz.
51001 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table with Grates, Faucet and Hand Spray. Overall 24” x 60” x 41”. Weight 340 pounds. 120V/60Hz. Includes sockets on column to receive swing arms.


51086 Swing Arm with 2 sockets for accessories or dental equipment
51087 Instrument Tray, height adjustable
51081 IV Pole
51082 Grate Tilt - Elevates grates for improved oral drainage
51085 Dry Top - Stainless steel - Slips over grates
50987 LED Exam Light with flexible arm
50988 Laptop/Patient Monitor Support Arm
  • Immediate shipment Usually within 24 hours.
  • 3-Year Olympic Warranty Includes all parts and labor

Watch Video

See the Hi-Lo Wet Table in action!

Standing Extra tall 41"

Seated Comfortable 29"

Grate Tilt
(accessory) Fits under grates. Improves oral drainage.

Exam Light
(accessory) Bright, focusing, flexible. LED.

Laptop Platform
(accessory) Your laptop held securely.

Height adjustable instrument tray.

Drop-in IV pole fits in any socket.

Extra Large Hair Trap Lifts out. Clean less often.

4 Electrical Outlets
In protective enclosure.

Dry Top (accessory) Fits over grates. Stainless steel.

See the Hi-Lo Wet Table in action!

Online Ordering

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
without solid top, grates only
Model #51001

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
with solid top and grates
Model #51002

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Armature w/B-Tray
Model #51080

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
IV Pole
Model #51081

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Grate Elevator
Model #51082

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Stainless Steel Exam Top
Model #51085

Hi-Lo Wet Table Deluxe Model
2 Swing Arms, IV Pole, Grate Elevator, Stainless Steel Exam Top
Model #51003

We have been very pleased with the Olympic Wet Table and would recommend it to anyone as both a dental table and as a wet treatment table. The ability to raise and lower the table has greatly improved the comfort of our technicians. The unit is attractive, and the mechanism to raise and lower the table is quiet and does not seem to disturb any of the patients on or around the table. The pedal requires very little pressure to engage so adjustments can be easily made without taking attention away from a task. The exterior surface is easy to clean. With the split grates, the grates themselves are easy to remove to clean as well as to retrieve items that may fall to the bed. Another innovation is the addition of electrical outlets to the base of the table, which substantially relieves the pressure on the wall outlets.

We really like the table – it is more than just functional. It is versatile and provides a much better working environment for the medical staff. On the whole, this is an extremely useful dental/wet table and we are very glad to have it.

Melinda Cumming, DVM
Spring Glen Veterinary Hospital
Renton, WA

Installation was a simple process and we have been VERY pleased with the table. It is well thought out, functional, and is a nice focal point in our treatment area.

Jay Crisman, DVM.
Birmingham, AL

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