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Hi-Lo Wet Table

Adjustable height. Comfortable. More efficient and faster.

Wet tables are used every day in most clinics, but because they have no height adjustment, they are often uncomfortable and inefficient. Old-style wet tables cannot be adjusted to your height – whether you are taller or shorter – or for larger and smaller animals. One size wet table has to fit all.

The new Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table has adjustable height – designed for operator comfort and for more efficient access to the patient during any type of procedure.

Just touch the foot switch and the electric lift raises and lowers the entire table. Now, you can work without back or shoulder strain, whether standing or seated. And whether the patient is a puppy or a large dog, the treatment site will always be at the right height for you – accessible and efficient.

This modern, adjustable wet table can save you valuable time. Procedures are faster and less tiring, so you can give more patients better care.

Foot switch swivels Up/down foot switch can turn to face you. Convenient and saves time.

2 removable grates Each stainless steel grate 22" x 22". Lift out for cleaning.

Solid stainless steel top (optional) Wet Table can be ordered with a solid stainless steel top that fits over the grates. Top does not interfere with sink or faucets.

Electrical outlets for accessories 3 outlets on base of table.

Toe room Plenty of toe room on all sides of table when standing.

Clean panels Removable panels under base help keep hair and dirt out.

Leveling feet Adjustable to any floor.

Dimensions Table top: 60" x 24" including stainless tub, sink and faucets.

Electrical 120V, 60Hz. All UL components. Table has ground fault safety breaker.

Plumbing connections Hidden at rear of table.

Full 3-year Warranty Includes all parts and labor.

Can be installed in any clinic
The Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table can easily be installed as a replacement for any older wet table or in a new location. It is designed to meet all local plumbing codes. Even though the table moves up and down, the exterior plumbing connections are stationary and can be mated to standard fittings for any plumbing systems. (For plumbing specifications, please inquire.)


51003 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™, complete ready for dental procedures with 2 Swing Arms, with 2 sockets for accessories on each arm. Includes Instrument Tray, IV Pole, LED Exam Light, Grate Tilt Insert. Also includes Stainless Dry Top.
51002 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™ with 2 Grates, Faucet, Sink, Hand Spray. Includes Stainless Dry Top
51001 Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™ with Grates, Faucet and Hand Spray


51086 Swing Arm with 2 sockets for accessories for Olympic Dental Table™ and Hi-Lo Wet Table™
51087 Height-Adjustable Instrument Tray for Olympic Dental Table™ and Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™
51081 IV Pole for Olympic Dental Table™ and Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™
51082 Grate Tilt Insert for Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™
51085 Dry Top for Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™. Stainless, fits over grates.
50986 Special Use Swing Arm for Olympic Dental Table for mounting some brands of large anesthesia units. Please inquire.
50987 LED Exam Light with Flexible Arm for Olympic Dental Table™ and Hi-Lo Wet Table™
50988 Laptop Computer Support Arm for Olympic Dental Table™ and Hi-Lo Wet Table™
50989 Rear Enclosure Panels for Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table™ for free-standing installations
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Watch Video

See the Hi-Lo Wet Table in action!

Table higher - 42" A tall (6'1") person can raise the Hi-Lo Wet Table to prevent back strain. No more extreme bending over to treat the patient. Reduces fatigue and provides better visualization of the treatment site.

Table lower - 36" People who aren't as tall (4'11") and are treating larger animals can adjust the height of the Hi-Lo Wet Table for the best patient access and a comfortable posture. More efficient, faster treatment.

Seated with table raised - 34" Ergonomic positioning for a taller person with a patient.

Seated with table lowered - 32" Comfortable for longer procedures and with all patients.

Online Ordering

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
without solid top, grates only
Model #51001

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
with solid top and grates
Model #51002

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Armature w/B-Tray
Model #51080

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
IV Pole
Model #51081

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Grate Elevator
Model #51082

Olympic Hi-Lo Wet Table
Stainless Steel Exam Top
Model #51085

Hi-Lo Wet Table Deluxe Model
2 Swing Arms, IV Pole, Grate Elevator, Stainless Steel Exam Top
Model #51003

We have been very pleased with the Olympic Wet Table and would recommend it to anyone as both a dental table and as a wet treatment table. The ability to raise and lower the table has greatly improved the comfort of our technicians. The unit is attractive, and the mechanism to raise and lower the table is quiet and does not seem to disturb any of the patients on or around the table. The pedal requires very little pressure to engage so adjustments can be easily made without taking attention away from a task. The exterior surface is easy to clean. With the split grates, the grates themselves are easy to remove to clean as well as to retrieve items that may fall to the bed. Another innovation is the addition of electrical outlets to the base of the table, which substantially relieves the pressure on the wall outlets.

We really like the table – it is more than just functional. It is versatile and provides a much better working environment for the medical staff. On the whole, this is an extremely useful dental/wet table and we are very glad to have it.

Melinda Cumming, DVM
Spring Glen Veterinary Hospital
Renton, WA

Installation was a simple process and we have been VERY pleased with the table. It is well thought out, functional, and is a nice focal point in our treatment area.

Jay Crisman, DVM.
Birmingham, AL

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