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Advanced Treatment Station

A completely equipped mobile station for treatments and advanced procedures.

This work station is designed for efficiency and ergonomic comfort, standing or seated. It has full-range height adjustment and a warm feeling, non-slip Corian® surface. All your instruments, monitors, and other equipment, like anesthesia machines, are at your fingertips to save you time. And since all the accessories are mounted on the station, it eliminates floor clutter and saves space.

The Advanced Treatment Station is also multi-purpose. In addition to being a complete work station, it is also a patient transport that you can easily roll between treatment, x-ray, prep, surgery or recovery – and even outdoors. By combining patient treatment and transport, it reduces the handling of injured or compromised patients and saves time.

The Advanced Treatment Station will fit your needs today and in the future as your hospital grows.

Equipment Shelf Excepted
For monitors and other equipment. Easy to see and reach. Mounts at head of station. Electrical equipment connects directly to power outlets on station (see below)

Instrument tray
On swing-arm. Fits sockets at 4 corners. Instruments always at your fingertips, raises and lowers with the table. 12" x 9".

Your laptop is securely held on a special swing-arm so it's just where you want it. Can be quickly moved to another drop-in socket.

Electrical outlets
7 electric outlets for connecting all your accessories and equipment. Conveniently located at end of table near Equipment Shelf.

IV pole, anesthesia machine
IV pole drops into sockets at corners of station. Eliminates floor stand. Travels with patient. Most lightweight anesthesia units can be mounted on short pole.

Exam light
Daylight color LED. Cool. Adjustable brightness and focus. Long flexible gooseneck. Connects to electrical outlets on the Advanced Treatment Station.

Scale under Corian® top. Large, easy to read. Swivel mounted. Can weigh active animals. Accuracy +/- 0.1 pound. Lifetime quality.

Ergonomic and Efficient

The Advanced Treatment Station provides for ergonomic comfort with full-range height adjustment. The maximum height is an extra tall 40". And the height is adjustable over a full 26" range for correct postural seating and improved patient presentation. The rechargeable electric lift is quiet and smooth. There are two foot switches, one on each side of the station.

Multi-purpose – Patient Transport

The Advanced Treatment Station is also designed as an easy-roll patient transport – two products in one. It has steering handles and lighter weight, so it turns easily in tight spaces. This dual function saves time and improves patient care, especially for injured or compromised patients. You can move patients between treatment, x-ray, prep, surgery, recovery – and even to and from the parking lot.


Dimensions Overall 23" x 58", Tabletop 23" x 53"
Height range 14"– 40"
Lift capacity 250 pounds
Casters Large 5", full swivel, locking
Tie-down cleats Under both sides of table
Net weight without accessories, 95 pounds
Electrical 120V/60Hz


51601 Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™, complete with Scale, IV Pole, Instrument Tray, Exam Light, Equipment Shelf, Laptop Support Arm, Power Strip
51602 Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™ with Scale. Includes Standard Corian Top, Power Strip, Instrument Tray and IV Pole.


51616 Additional Charge for Custom Color Corian for Advanced Treatment Station™. Please inquire.
51611 IV Pole for Olympic Treatment Station™
51612 Instrument Tray for Olympic Treatment Station™
51613 Equipment Shelf for Olympic Treatment Station™
51614 LED Exam Light with Flexible Arm for Olympic Treatment Station™
51615 Laptop Computer Support Arm for Olympic Advanced Treatment Station™
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Why Corian®? Corian® is an ideal material for veterinary examining tables. Unlike laminates, Corian® is a solid, dense material developed by DuPont for applications that require a tough, lifetime surface combined with attractive colors and patterns. Because it is hygienic, non-porous and stain resistant, Corian® has been widely used for years for counter tops, sinks and other heavy-wear surfaces in fine homes, medical facilities, and veterinary hospitals. It combines beautiful appearance with durability.

Non-slip surface Your patient can stand on the Corian® surface without slipping and sliding like stainless steel. The Corian® surface of the Olympic Advanced Treatment Station has a matte finish with a secure gripping surface for animals. And Corian® also feels much warmer than stainless steel. Your patients will be able to stand comfortably so you can perform your exams faster and with less assistance.

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